At Acadian Companies’ annual company meeting on May 8, 2019, 12 employee-owners were recognized for their 30 years of service, 12 employee-owners for 35 years, 6 employee-owners for 40 years and one employee-owner for 45 years.

Honors for 30 years of service went to:

  • Acadian Air Med Flight Paramedic/RN Tony Cramer
  • Maintenance Technician Roland Credeur
  • National EMS Academy Education Coordinator David Finley
  • Safety Management Systems Field Support Supervisor Leighton Guilbeau
  • National EMS Academy Student Services Specialist Stacy Healy
  • Fleet Maintenance Manager Mike Loewer
  • Regional Vice President Troy Mayer
  • Dispatcher Bart Savoy
  • Operations and Governmental Relations Supervisor Jeff Thibodeaux
  • Dispatcher Brian Couvillon
  • Acadian Total Security Video Analyst Kevin Hargrave
  • Safety Management Systems Instructor Chuck Hebert

Awards for 35 years of service were given to:

  • Operations Coordinator Bruce Boudreaux
  • Fleet Maintenance Coordinator Keith Antoine
  • Air Med Operational Control Jay Boudreaux
  • Operations Supervisor Kevin Brennan
  • Flight Paramedic Ken Dartez
  • Air Med Operational Control Kirt Domingue
  • Safety Management Systems Field Support Supervisor Carl Dugas
  • Maintenance Technician Pat Hanks
  • Paramedic Scott Johnson
  • Business Rules Supervisor Karen Sonnier
  • Facility Contract Specialist Shawn Wheatley
  • Paramedic Rick Perry

Recognition for 40 years of service was given to:

  • Safety Management Systems Remote Paramedic Roger Brammell
  • Paramedic Joe Loup
  • CAD/GIS Supervisor John Mrak
  • Maintenance Technician Marvin Navarre
  • Operations Supervisor Kevin O’Connor
  • Paramedic Hal Titus

Vice President of Air Services Erroll Babineaux was honored for 45 years with Acadian.


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