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Our Medics of the Year

Honoring the Best of the Best

Thomas Sumrall

Paramedic of the Year

“There aren’t too many jobs where you get the instant satisfaction of being able to help people. This is very rewarding.”

Thomas joined Acadian in 2015. He is a CCT paramedic and Field Training Officer in the Hub City region. He has served on the SWAT team and uniform committee. He volunteers for extra shifts, as well as extended deployments to other areas. He is a strong advocate for his patients and coworkers. He has a positive attitude, works honestly, is compassionate and has a remarkable work ethic. Thomas has served in the Air Force Reserve as a medic since 2018 and is working toward his bachelor’s degree in healthcare management.

Jonathan Cody Sides

EMT of the Year

“The most rewarding part of this job is bringing a little bit of light into my patients’ days.”

Cody joined Acadian in 2020 as an A-EMT. He recently earned a degree in paramedicine. He exhibits great patient care and a professional bedside manner. He always has a contagiously positive attitude and is never without a smile on his face or a kind word. He continues to demonstrate remarkable skills as a leader, medic, employee and mentor. Cody never hesitates to pick up extra shifts or responsibilities, stating that he is just happy to help where needed. He is also consistently seeking out opportunities to learn more about medicine and EMS to better benefit his patients.

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Extra money raised from sponsorships will be used to fund scholarships for EMT and paramedic students at the National EMS Academy. Through our sponsors’ generosity, these students will be able to impact the lives of thousands during their EMS careers.


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