From the moment Debby Bowers walked through the doors of Acadian 38 years ago, she knew it would be the place she would retire. 

A native of Scott and a lifelong resident of Lafayette, Debby started at Acadian on July 1, 1985, working in-house collections During her career, she moved around to different departments and did a variety of jobs.

“I worked in commercial insurance, working liability, obtaining insurance information from companies and obtaining status of claims,” Debby said.

In her time at Acadian, Debbie Bowers always enjoyed the work she did. It’s one of the things that she will miss the most.

After years of working in collections, Debby was offered a position in the accounting department, a place she spent the rest of her career until her retirement on Jul 14, 2023.  

“It was an amazing job,” Debby said. 

She never worried a day in her life about job security. Acadian also gave her financial security for herself and her family.

“I was always very honored to have amazing team leaders, a boss, staff and a management team throughout my entire time there,” Debby said.

Debby credited a few people who have helped her tremendously, including Dean Wright, Tim Burke and most recently Greg Hill, a friend and an individual she will always cherish working with.

“He was an amazing boss,” Debby said. “He was an incredible person, boss, and  friend.”

After being here a few years, Acadian implemented the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), giving Debby the opportunity to own stock in the company.

This year marks 30 years since Acadian became employee-owned. From the start, Debby knew it was the right choice to make for herself and her future.

“I had to look at the big picture,” Debby said. “Making that choice in the beginning was important for when my retirement came around, and now I am able to benefit from it.”

While no job is perfect, Debby said she made the most of each and every day. Because she was happy and content in her life and career, she said every day was a good day. She was happy to go to work and to be at work. Seeing coworkers and leaders who turned into lifelong friends, her job was very rewarding and gratifying. 

As a result, it took her a few years for her to to come to the conclusion that her career with Acadian had finally come to a close. “That was the hardest part. I didn’t want to leave but after going back and forth for a few years, I knew it was the right time,” Debby said. 

“Leaving the job, leaving a company that I truly admired and respected, I just loved my company,” she continued. “And I was a part of the company. When you are an owner of Acadian, you feel like your connection is like no other.”

After officially retiring from Acadian this past July, Debby is looking forward to traveling and having extended camping trips.

Once she finally decided to retire, she was ready for the next chapter in her life. She’s still trying to figure out what to do since she doesn’t have the regular schedule of working 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. She enjoys going to the gym in the afternoons.

“For me, it’s more of a relaxed state that I am in and not having to be so regimented, that is where I am now,” Debby said.

Debby’s husband, Roy, plans to retire in early 2024. They both love the outdoors and plan to travel a lot more and have extended camping trips.

Debby has a son, Seth, and a late daughter, Courtney, who also worked for Acadian. 

“I think the respect and the company as a whole was very good to me,” Debby said. “Where I am today is because of Acadian Ambulance Service.” 

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