Acadian Companies Director of Healthcare Innovation and Strategy Benjamin Swig participated on a panel about virtual care at the annual Teladoc Health Forum.

He was joined by Kellie McLaughlin, Human Resources Manager at Graco Protective Coating Equipment and John McCormick, MD, Chief Operating Officer at Ovation Health, to discuss how implementing virtual care programs into their benefit strategies and evolving their virtual care offerings has benefited the health of their employees and their organizations overall.

The panel was moderated by Nabomita Dutta, Senior Vice President, Commercial Strategy and Partnerships at Teladoc Health.

“As Acadian Companies’ Director of Healthcare Innovation and Strategy, I believe that the convergence of technology and healthcare is a pivotal opportunity to enhance the well-being of our employees,” Swig said. “Collaborating on the Teladoc Health Forum panel alongside esteemed professionals like Kellie McLaughlin and Dr. John McCormick underscored the significance of integrating virtual care into our benefit strategies. By evolving our virtual care offerings, we’re not only improving employee health but also fostering the overall vitality of our organizations by reducing barriers to high quality healthcare based on our employee preference of when and where they wish to access care.”

Acadian Companies places a high priority on the health and well-being of its employees, who also happen to be front-line healthcare workers. As a leading medical transportation service provider, they understand that healthy and happy employees are crucial to providing quality care to patients in stressful situations. To support their employees’ health, Acadian initially partnered with Teladoc Health to offer virtual General Medical, urgent care services, as part of the company’s benefit package.

After nine years of seeing exceptional results with the General Medical solution, Acadian decided to expand their virtual care offerings to also address primary care, chronic conditions, and mental health services that include adolescents. This unique and mutually beneficial partnership has allowed Acadian to provide high-quality healthcare to its employees, ensuring they are well-equipped to provide top-notch care to patients, while reducing the organization’s overall cost of care.

“Acadian Ambulance is proud to maintain a robust partnership with Teladoc, utilizing their Virtual Primary Care, General Medical, Chronic Disease Management, and Mental Health programs within our employer-sponsored health plan,” Swig continued. “This strategic collaboration not only empowers our employees with convenient and comprehensive healthcare options, but also reinforces our commitment to their holistic well-being. Through Teladoc’s innovative solutions, we’re not only optimizing health outcomes but also fostering a culture of proactive care, ultimately driving greater resilience and productivity across our organization.”

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