A driver and passenger involved in a serious car accident sustained serious injuries and were trapped inside the vehicle. The driver, an Acadian Monitoring Services’ subscriber, was able to activate MobileHelp to get medical help immediately.

Acadian Monitoring Services expanded its already impressive product line in 2012 with the introduction of MobileHelp. The portable, cellular-based, two-way voice mobile unit with GPS location services detects and reports the user’s location at the push of a button. A certified emergency medical dispatcher is then able to immediately communicate with the subscriber over a nationwide, AT&T cellular network and notify the appropriate authorities based on the subscriber’s location.

Thanks to MobileHelp’s one-stop shop for pre-hospital emergency care capabilities, an ambulance was dispatched, and the individuals were found, assessed and transported to a nearby hospital where both recovered fully.

“Accidents, whether on the road or in the backyard of your home, happen every day and affect all ages,” said Acadian Monitoring Services President Blane Comeaux. “Having the mobile device with you and your loved ones at all times could possibly save their life.”

For more information on MobileHelp, please call 1-800-259-1234.
Since 1971, Acadian has been committed to providing the highest level of emergency medical care and transportation possible. In the past decade, the company has expanded to include a diverse suite of services in health, safety, and transportation. Acadian’s six divisions are Acadian Ambulance Service, Acadian Monitoring Services, Air Med, Executive Aircraft Charter Service, National EMS Academy and Safety Management Systems.


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