Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acadian Health?

Acadian Health brings medical professionals to the patient. Our specially trained clinical staff, through 24/7/365 consultation with physicians, is able to quickly and properly treat many non-emergent injuries or illnesses in the patient’s home. In addition to the convenience of in-home care, the patients and their insurance providers can potentially appreciate substantial cost savings over a typical emergency department visit.

Who are the Acadian Health providers that will provide my care?

Our services are provided by experienced clinical staff who have received additional specialized training in mobile healthcare. In addition, a physician is available to the clinical teams by phone or virtual visit for consultation.

What can Acadian Health treat?

Acadian Health can treat nearly every non-life-threatening medical condition that can be treated in an urgent care center or other healthcare facility. This includes a wide range of common to complex illnesses and injuries, such as urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, flu, dehydration and more.

Does Acadian Health replace my doctor?

No. Acadian Health works in conjunction with your physician and home healthcare. We fill the gap between those levels of care, often preventing an unnecessary and costly trip to a crowded emergency department or an unnecessary visit to your doctor’s office for conditions that can be managed in your home.