Partners We Serve

Large Payer

Acadian Health’s clinical team supports the payer’s value-based service agreements by improving patient engagement and access to care in the home. Together, we reduce risk within your population by providing higher acuity medical care in the home, helping to reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalizations, improving the patient experience, supporting the care plans of providers and reducing costs.

  • Lower Cost – Acadian Health decreases the cost of care for at-risk populations and frequent users of emergency services for non-emergent conditions. Treatment in the patient’s home is a fraction of the cost for an emergency department visit.
  • Improve Outcomes – By providing the appropriate level of care at the right time and the right place, Acadian Health can improve the patient’s outcome by working closely with the patient’s primary care provider (PCP) or specialist before their condition deteriorates and requires hospitalization.
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction – Because we are able to treat patients in a timely fashion and in the convenience of their homes, the need for travel decreases and patient satisfaction increases.
  • Improve Provider Satisfaction – By providing PCPs or specialists with access to a team of on-demand reliable and skilled in-home clinicians, prompt clinical care can be administered to improve engagement and clinical outcomes.

Hospitals, Health Systems and ACOs

Acadian Health works with hospitals, health systems and accountable care organizations (ACOs) to design a program that delivers medical care to manage the patient’s health, improve clinical outcomes and provide significant cost savings to at-risk populations. We collaborate on protocols, processes and care coordination with your clinical team to optimize your operations and underlying economics, while enhancing quality and reducing risk. We integrate our mobile health resources with your clinical care for patients with chronic and acute conditions, including heart failure, COPD, asthma, urinary tract infections and more.

Acadian Health works directly with hospitals, health systems and ACOs to achieve savings in your value-based arrangements by:

  • Providing real time feedback to providers and care teams related to patient living conditions, diet, and other social determinants of risk
  • Significantly reducing medical costs in at-risk populations by optimizing the cost of care for patient’s medical needs
  • Ensuring effective communications with skilled in-home providers
  • More readily identifying and addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH)
  • Providing an alternative resource for your staff and patients outside of the physical walls of the health system
  • Supporting engagement and behavioral change patterns in your at-risk populations
  • Mitigating the risk of patients interacting with unestablished providers and facilities outside of the health system

Clinical Extenders

Acadian Health helps to provide a better overall patient experience and improved patient loyalty by:

  • Providing convenient access to care in the home setting
  • Supporting seniors who want to age in place and leverage remote monitoring when appropriate
  • Fostering an ongoing relationship between the patient and providers through an appropriate and comprehensive continuum of care
  • Leveraging our out-of-hospital experience and existing patient rapport to facilitate care and communication with the primary care team

Staff and Facility Optimization

Acadian Health allows hospitals, health systems and ACOs to optimize staffing and facility utilization by providing patients with a convenient alternative to spending an extended time under observation or in an inpatient setting. As a result, hospitals, health systems and ACOs can operate more efficiently and profitably while providing a better patient experience and improving outcomes.

  • Significantly improve performance in your bundled payment programs
  • Reduce readmissions by providing proactive and responsive higher acuity care in the home
  • Shorten medically unnecessary length of stay (LOS) by providing your physicians and staff with an option that allows them to confidently return a patient to their home setting
  • Optimize the utilization of inpatient services and capacity
  • Reduce unnecessary emergency department utilization by providing patients with a more attractive, lower cost alternative for non-life-threatening medical conditions
  • Utilize real time laboratory and assessment feedback to safely and appropriately manage patients remotely

Home Health

Acadian Health is an on-demand resource delivering medical care to help your staff treat patients and avoid unnecessary emergency department visits or hospitalizations. Our clinical team provides homebound patients with the care they need for acute medical conditions, without the hassle and expense of emergency department visits. We are also a resource during evening hours and weekends when access to care is otherwise limited.

Hospice and Palliative Care

Acadian Health works with hospice and palliative care agencies to deliver timely and appropriate care focusing on managing the patient’s symptoms. By working as a resource for the patient’s existing care team, we are able to help decrease unnecessary emergency department visits and decrease revocation rates while improving the patient’s experience.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Acadian Health contracts directly with skilled nursing facilities to help decrease emergency department visits for patients with acute needs that could be safely managed in the facility. We can perform a number of interventions on site, resolving patient symptoms and preventing a trip to the emergency department, while keeping them safely in place.