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Our Corporate Policies

Acadian functions under the following corporate policies.

Code of Ethics 

As professionals in the emergency medical services (EMS), safety, and training industries, Acadian endeavors to serve our customers, employees, and our fellow man in a constructive and responsible manner. To accomplish this, we pledge ourselves to the following code of ethics: 

  • At all times, deal honestly and fairly with all, be they clients, competitors, or employees.
  • Perform our professional duties with utmost skill and care.
  • Strive always to increase our knowledge relating to the transportation of the sick and injured and other skills of our trade.
  • Uphold the duly adopted standards and regulations of our profession.
  • Avoid all conduct likely to discredit or cause injury to the dignity and honor of this profession. 

Equal Opportunity

Acadian gives equal opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to sex, color, race, ancestry, religion, national origin, age, medical condition, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, or citizenship status. Our employment practices provide that all individuals be recruited, hired, assigned, advanced, compensated, and retained on the basis of their qualifications, and treated according to this policy.

Employee Diversity

Acadian is committed to creating and maintaining a high-performing, productive organization that recognizes and embraces the value of diversity in the workforce and promotes a culture that affords all individuals the opportunity to be fully productive team members. A diverse workforce provides advantages internally in terms of the human resources potential offered by a variety of diverse perspectives and experiences, and externally in aiding Acadian's ability to serve diverse communities. Our Diversity Plan promotes nondiscrimination as well as respect and value of diversity in all employment matters.

Safety Excellence

Due to the number of miles driven each year, it is of the utmost importance that our employees have a clear understanding of safe driving procedures. Since its inception in 1980, the AllSafe Defensive Driving Program has been vitally important in helping our employees avoid accidents and injuries by providing an increased margin of safety when operating an ambulance or any other Acadian-owned vehicle. 

In early 2011, Acadian Ambulance began a new Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Performance Management system to measure, manage and recognize overall safety performance for ground ambulance operations. 

In addition to improving the safety culture, the new program creates a more positive work environment and goals to strive for. Rating Set Points for each metric range from 1, which is Well Below Expectations, to 5, which is Performance Excellence; when any area’s performance falls in the 3-5 range at the mid-year point or the end of the year, they are rewarded and recognized.

The top performing district each year will receive the new President’s Cup for Safety Excellence, an engraved crystal cup that is housed each year by the winner. The winning district also receives a monetary allocation to spend on its employees and each employee receives a personalized windbreaker touting their champion status.

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