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“Everybody had a part in it, and because of them, I’m still here, and I can’t thank y’all enough.”

Clayton Fontenot, Louisiana

“My heart feels good now. I feel relieved.”

Kathleen Matherne, Louisiana

“If this would have happened at home, I probably would have never woken up, so I’m glad it happened at the festival. I ended up having to have open heart surgery…I’m not ready to go, so I’m glad you guys were there. I believe in angels and heroes, and you guys were some angels.”

Peter Barrilleaux, Louisiana

“You all helped us and stayed by our side the whole time and made sure that we were taken care of. I commend all of you for that and I appreciate it and I thank everybody.”

Todd Bracey, Oklahoma

“They gave me the greatest gift you can give in this life—time to spend with my family.”

Brendan Young, Louisiana

“They gave us back my husband, their dad, their son, because they did their job so well. It puts everything in perspective for you. We’re very, very lucky.”

Carrie Young, Louisiana

“I wouldn’t have know what do without the dispatcher coaching me through it. This was my Christmas miracle.”

Robert Pierro, Louisiana

Acadian Ambulance crew members helped save the life of Mr. Fontenot after he suffered cardiac arrest at home.

Originally arriving on scene to a seizure call, Acadian Ambulance medics successfully resuscitated Mrs. Matherne after she experienced a heart attack in 2019.

Acadian Ambulance was standing by at 2013 Festival International de Louisiane, when Mr. Barrilleaux suffered a heart attack.

The Bracey family was involved in a multi-vehicle accident when a car travelling on I-10 crossed the median. Watch the Braceys meet those who saved their lives in this video.

Carrie Young, with the help of an Acadian dispatcher, provided CPR to her husband until help arrived. Watch their story.

Robert Pierro called 911 when his wife stopped breathing. An Acadian dispatcher gave him life saving instructions over the phone until help arrived. Watch the emotional reunion.

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