Since 1981, Acadian Ambulance has provided Air Med services in Louisiana. As of May 1, 2017, Air Med has established its first Texas helicopter base in Silsbee. A Twin Engine, Single Pilot IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) EC135 with night-vision goggle capabilities will provide emergency first response air transportation services in Texas.

The Silsbee base is the company’s eighth and is centrally located for faster response to Southeast Texas residents with medical emergencies and to remote areas inaccessible by ground ambulances within a 150-mile radius.

In 1981, Acadian Ambulance launched Air Med Services in order to quickly reach rural areas and offshore emergencies. Then, Acadian’s service area spanned 14 South Louisiana parishes. Today, Acadian Ambulance serves 34 Louisiana parishes, 37 Texas counties, and one Mississippi county.

Acadian Air Med helicopters fly more first response emergency medical flights than anyone in the nation and is an industry leader in simultaneous and coordinated responses with ground and air resources. Their fleet comprises more than 500 ground ambulances and medically equipped and configured helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

Air Med staffs all of our helicopters with nationally registered critical care flight paramedics, registered nurses and experienced instrument-rated and current commercial pilots.

Acadian Regional Vice President Michael Burney says, “Our ground ambulance operations have been in Southeast Texas for 10 years; in fact, Southeast Texas was where we got our start. Through these years, we have truly become a part of this community. Adding a dedicated Air Med helicopter based in Silsbee elevates our commitment to the community.”

To assist in the transition and expanded service, Acadian Air Med will conduct multiple training sessions with local law and fire departments, in addition to hospital and first response personnel, to ensure aircraft communications are seamless and safety of flight is first and foremost in everyone’s mind.

“We have provided outstanding lifesaving service and transportation in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico since 1981, and today, we are honored to begin providing the first of many Air Med helicopters to service Texas on a regular basis,” says Air Med Vice President Erroll Babineaux.

Acadian Ambulance is one of the largest ambulance services in the nation, offering emergency and non-emergency transportation to areas in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Since 1971, Acadian has been dedicated to providing the highest level of emergency medical care and transportation possible. The company has expanded to include a diverse suite of services designed to offer the very best support and education in health, safety, and transportation.


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