Phillip Brocato, an Arkansas native, has worked as a paramedic in Baton Rouge since 1991, and retired in January of this year. 

Before his switch to EMS, Phillip ran his family’s business for three years. Starting with only $2,000 in his pocket, he took a leap of faith and joined the Acadian family. 

Phillip has been able to help and meet so many people in his years of service, some he has loved and will miss.

“I have a great respect for so many people,” Phillip stated, reflecting on his 33 years at Acadian. “Porter Taylor, Robert Pendarvis, Tommy Martinez, Justin Cox and so many more. My team counted on me being there to help the patient, nurses, fire department, police and coworkers. It always meant something extra special when I came in or they came looking for me. 

One of the first to join Acadian’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) at its launch in 1993, Phillip has served on the ESOP committee for the last 10 years. He called it an opportunity to invest in his future.

“I have been in the business and understand the extra financial toughness of being a private company to grow, make money and turn a profit,” Phillip said. “I lucked out and got in on the ground floor when ESOP first started in 1993.”

Phillip Brocato has worked as a paramedic in Baton Rouge since 1991. He retired in January of this year.

Cameron Cormier serves as a recruiter for Acadian and is the current chair of the ESOP Committee. She has appreciated Phillip’s leadership as a valuable asset to the company and ESOP. 

“He has been able to share knowledge with many of our newer committee members, including myself,” Cameron said. “Phil’s insight and willingness to always lend a helping hand has played a vital role in the success of many company events as well. We are ever-grateful for Phil’s dedication to the ESOP committee.


Since his retirement, he is enjoying his new life, staying busy with hunting trips and vacations. 

“I have a bear hunt in Canada this May and have booked my first African safari for August of 2025,” Phillip shared. 

Phillip wants to be remembered for the people he helped and the lives he saved over the years. 

“I loved being a paramedic for the past 33 years,” Phillip reflected. “I was given a job and I fell that I have helped many people throughout my career.” 

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