By Benjamin Swig

Acadian Ambulance Celebrates 45 Years of ServiceWhen our sister company, Acadian Ambulance, was founded 51 years ago in south Louisiana, it was in response to a crisis. After federal regulations were established, funeral homes were ceasing their ambulance operations, leaving many communities without service.

Acadian Ambulance has launched six more divisions over the years. Each of Acadian’s divisions come from a spirit of innovation and a commitment to serving our communities. From emergency response to home and business security to medical services, Acadian has led the way in providing the best care and protecting people.

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Acadian Health continues that tradition of innovation. Our senior clinical leaders reviewed years of patient data and recognized an opportunity to partner with healthcare clinic providers to de-escalate and treat acute exacerbations of chronic diseases. Patients can be seen, diagnosed and treated by our Acadian Health team members in the comfort of their home, in coordination with the provider’s physician or care team via telehealth.

Our services come from a capability to bridge a gap in healthcare, and we aim to be a valuable partner to patients, providers and payers. We strategically pinpoint where there may be gaps in care and address how we can fill those gaps.

Insurance companies are shifting towards a virtual-first model, but when virtual care is not enough, the last mile of care can now be supported by a well-equipped paramedic. Through this approach, we have seen the “care at home” trend increasing three to five percent annually.

We leverage cutting-edge technology and software services that help us to continue our path of innovation. From utilizing Healthcall’s electronic health record services to provide our partners with a complete, longitudinal view of their patients’ care history, to partnering with medical technology companies like Kestra to fit eligible patients with wearable defibrillators, we’re helping to bring lifesaving care to residents who need it the most.

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