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On Tuesday, May 7, 2024, we are honoring our EMTs, paramedics, and entire medical team during our annual Medics of the Year Celebration.

Watch the live stream, beginning at noon on May 7.

Our Medics of the Year

Savannah Welch

Paramedic of the Year

Savannah joined Acadian Ambulance in 2019. After earning a degree in Kinesiology from Louisiana Tech in 2016, Savannah embarked on an EMT course. She currently works as a Critical Care Transport (CCT) Paramedic on the night shift in Ouachita Parish.

Beyond her core duties, Savannah is esteemed as a mentor and field training officer. She garners respect from her colleagues, patients, and the local community.

In late 2022, she and her EMT partner earned Meritorious Service Awards for going above and beyond in rescuing a patient from a submerged vehicle, proving that EMS is both rescue and healthcare service.

In pursuit of professional growth, Savannah aims to acquire her Registered Nurse (RN) license, aspiring for dual licensure. A valued team member, Savannah is admired by many in her region. Her exceptional performance in handling challenging calls during her first year post-paramedic school earned her the moniker “black cloud”.

Outside of work, she takes pride in her role as a wife and mother to thirteen pets, including six chickens. During her leisure time, she enjoys horseback riding, attending concerts, and cherishing moments with her husband, friends, and family.

Samantha Blackwell

EMT of the Year

Samantha has been with Acadian Ambulance since 2021 and has been a hardworking team member ever since. She currently works in Bexar County out of our Schertz station. She is always ready to help out with any task, whether it is cleaning the offices, checking the units, or assisting someone in need. She is skilled and knowledgeable, and someone her team trusts and respects.

Samantha faced many hardships and traumatic experiences throughout her childhood. She found stability and guidance in her grandmother, who served as a pastor and chaplain for the San Antonio Fire Department. It was through her grandmother’s influence that Samantha developed a strong interest in EMS.

She survived a severe car accident when she was 17 years old, where she suffered an aortic dissection, a fractured wrist, and broken ankles.

Through it all, she has remained a positive person and it shows in the work she does. Samantha brightens the halls with her laughter and smile, and she collaborates well with her peers and leadership. In early 2024, she was the recipient of the President’s Performance Award.

Samantha is a mother of six, so she knows how to handle any challenge with efficiency and grace. Last year, with the support of her husband and children, Samantha enrolled in our paramedic school and is close to graduating.

Samantha said, “Acadian helps me become a great person and medic. When I come to work, I forget about everything else and just focus on the job at hand. I love helping others, my partner, and new students, as well as meeting new people.”

Matthew Kelly

Keynote Speaker

Matthew Kelly is an internationally acclaimed speaker and bestselling author. Kelly’s books have sold more than fifty million copies and have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, and numerous other bestseller lists. His titles include The Dream Manager, The Rhythm of Life, and Off Balance.

More than four million people in fifty countries have attended Kelly’s presentations and seminars. Over the past decade, he has given over 2,500 keynote presentations at conferences and conventions for a wide variety of organizations including Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations, professional organizations, universities, churches, and non-profits.

Kelly seems to effortlessly elevate and energize people to pursue the highest values of the human spirit and achieve their personal goals and ambitions. Matthew Kelly’s message is both timely and timeless. His example is authentic and inspiring. His passion for life is refreshing and challenging.