Each year, Acadian Ambulance recognizes its exceptional medics for their tireless work ethic and dedication. All finalists are known as outstanding paramedics and EMTs who display exemplary attitudes and provide excellent patient care.

Meet our 2024 Paramedics and EMTs of the Year, along with all of our regional Paramedics and EMTs of the Year, below!

Paramedic and EMT of the Year

Savannah Welch, Acadian Ambulance Paramedic of the Year, North Louisiana

Savannah joined Acadian Ambulance in 2019. After earning a degree in Kinesiology from Louisiana Tech in 2016, Savannah embarked on an EMT course. She currently works as a Critical Care Transport (CCT) Paramedic on the night shift in Ouachita Parish. She has very recently earned the role of Paramedic Field Supervisor.

Beyond her core duties, Savannah is esteemed as a mentor and field training officer. She garners respect from her colleagues, patients, and the local community.

In late 2022, she and her EMT partner earned Meritorious Service Awards for going above and beyond in rescuing a patient from a submerged vehicle, proving that EMS is both rescue and healthcare service.

In pursuit of professional growth, Savannah aims to acquire her Registered Nurse (RN) license, aspiring for dual licensure. A valued team member, Savannah is admired by many in her region. Her exceptional performance in handling challenging calls during her first year post-paramedic school earned her the moniker “black cloud”.

Outside of work, she takes pride in her role as a wife and mother to thirteen pets, including six chickens. During her leisure time, she enjoys horseback riding, attending concerts, and cherishing moments with her husband, friends, and family.

Samantha Blackwell, Acadian Ambulance EMT of the Year, South-Central Texas

Samantha has been with Acadian Ambulance since 2021 and has been a hardworking team member ever since. She currently works in Bexar County out of our Schertz station. She is always ready to help out with any task, whether it is cleaning the offices, checking the units, or assisting someone in need. She is skilled and knowledgeable, and someone her team trusts and respects.

Samantha faced many hardships and traumatic experiences throughout her childhood. She found stability and guidance in her grandmother, who served as a pastor and chaplain for the San Antonio Fire Department. It was through her grandmother’s influence that Samantha developed a strong interest in EMS.

She survived a severe car accident when she was 17 years old, where she suffered an aortic dissection, a fractured wrist, and broken ankles.

Through it all, she has remained a positive person and it shows in the work she does. Samantha brightens the halls with her laughter and smile, and she collaborates well with her peers and leadership. In early 2024, she was the recipient of the President’s Performance Award.

Samantha is a mother of six, so she knows how to handle any challenge with efficiency and grace. Last year, with the support of her husband and children, Samantha enrolled in our paramedic school and is close to graduating.

Samantha said, “Acadian helps me become a great person and medic. When I come to work, I forget about everything else and just focus on the job at hand. I love helping others, my partner, and new students, as well as meeting new people.”

Regional Paramedics and EMTs of the Year

Brent Pellegrin, Paramedic

Bayou Region

Brent joined the Acadian team in 1990. He completed the paramedic program in 1992 through the local community college. Brent has spent the majority of his 33-year career serving Terrebonne Parish. Brent has earned the respect of his fellow medics, ER staff, and our fellow first responders in law enforcement and fire service. He built his reputation on consistency, dedication, and hard work. Brent consistently does what is right for his patients, while being kind and compassionate to all. He shows up everyday, ensures he always has the tools to do his job successfully, and is always willing and ready for the next call.

Brent’s dedication to EMS, consistent hard work and commitment to doing the job right with pride and compassion make him a most deserving recipient of the Bayou Region’s 2024 Regional Paramedic of the Year.

Brent grew up in Terrebonne Parish, where he still enjoys living and working. He enjoys working in the yard, cutting grass, or working with his tractors. He and his wife, Nara, enjoy traveling, especially with their adult children.

Michele Jones, EMT

Bayou Region

Michele, better known as “MeMe”, has served as an EMT for 18 years with her partner and best friend, Kerry Lassere. Michele is a hard worker with the biggest heart. She prides herself on being compassionate to her patients, their families, and everyone she encounters. Michele is consistently a reliable employee. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, a listening ear, and a supportive shoulder to new employees or her peers. Michele has a smile that lights up any room she enters and radiates positivity to all.

In her time away from work, Michele enjoys spending time with her family and a good cup of coffee. Her husband, three children and four grandchildren are her proudest accomplishments. She is a dedicated member of her church, where she serves as deaconess. In her own words, ‘she is a lady, small in stature, with the force of a giant’.

KD Dunn, Paramedic

Capital Region

Kedarius “KD” Dunn personifies the qualities of excellence, compassion, and dedication that define an outstanding paramedic. His commitment to exceptional patient care goes hand in hand with his pursuit of knowledge and mentorship. Originally from Jackson, Louisiana, KD’s journey in emergency medical services reflects his drive to positively impact the lives of others. His thirst for knowledge and skill expansion led him to enroll in the National EMS Academy’s Accelerated Paramedic program in January 2022. He excelled through the program and now serves the residents of Ascension Parish.

When asked what he likes most about EMS, KD says he has a deep appreciation for direct patient care, collaborations with medical professionals of all levels, and the demand for critical thinking. His dedication to learning is clear, as he is currently working toward his Critical Care certification. In the future, he wants to obtain his Certified Flight Paramedic certification.

This recognition truly reflects KD’s dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality pre-hospital care to our communities, all while always striving for personal and professional growth.

TJ Taylor, EMT

Capital Region

TJ was born and raised in Denham Springs, LA. He always knew he wanted to serve his community and be a part of something bigger than himself. He discovered National EMS Academy’s Accelerated EMT program and realized it would help him reach his goal.

From the moment TJ stepped into an ambulance, his dedication to providing unparalleled care to his patients was clear. His dynamic personality gives him the ability to connect with patients on a profound level. Whether administering life-saving treatments or offering a comforting presence in moments of distress, TJ’s kindness and compassion always shine through to those in need. With aspirations to complete Paramedic school and obtain certifications such as Critical Care Transport (CCT) and Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C), he seeks to continue to elevate his skills and expand his impact in the field of emergency medicine. His ultimate goal of venturing into flight medicine reflects his commitment to continued growth and embracing new challenges. His dedication to serve, outstanding patient care, and commitment to nurturing the next generation of EMS professionals is an inspiration to us all.

This award recognizes TJ’s outstanding contributions to the Capital Region and his commitment to providing exceptional patient care and mentorship to our upcoming EMS professionals.

Jacob Fitzgerald, Paramedic

Central Louisiana Region

Jacob Fitzgerald was born in central Louisiana. He, his twin brother, and his family are originally from Avoyelles Parish before moving to Alexandria, and Jacob graduated from Pineville High in 2018. He took the EMT class at National EMS Academy in 2019, joined Acadian Ambulance, and began working in Lafayette. He became a paramedic in 2022.

He says he is blessed to be surrounded by great mentors and fellow team members. He looks forward to work every day. He loves the unit he works on and would like to get into the upcoming Critical Care Transport (CCT) class. Jacob is a pleasure to work with. There is always a smile on his face. He takes care of business and never leaves any task undone.

Aaron Alger, EMT

Central Louisiana Region

Aaron has been an EMT with Acadian Ambulance since 2022. He is in the paramedic program and will graduate in fall 2024. He has aspirations of becoming a Critical Care Transport (CCT) medic. Aaron has truly shined in the time since he joined the Acadian family.

Aaron shows a sense of pride for what he does. He is dedicated to his community, always finding ways to improve his patient care skills and further his education and knowledge. He is very technical; he loves to learn and understand how disease processes work and how to use his knowledge and skills to determine treatment for each patient.

Away from work, Aaron enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, fishing, shooting guns and reactive targets, and just having quality time with friends and family. Aaron is a valuable asset to the Central Louisiana team.

Sammie Herrera, Paramedic

Central Texas Region

Sammie began her career with Acadian Ambulance in 2015 as an EMT in Falls County. She attended paramedic school at Central Texas College, which she completed in the fall of 2020. She has also joined the ranks of our Critical Care Transport (CCT) paramedics in 2022.

Sammie ensures that all her patients are treated like family and receive the care they deserve. While providing exceptional patient care, Sammie is meticulous in ensuring her unit is clean and disinfected for each and every patient. Sammie is the region’s go-to person for deployment projects, as well as for mentoring those going on their first deployment. Sammie has a very strong passion for deployment and FEMA assignments, including Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Michael, and the COVID mission in Starr County. Sammie also represents the Central Texas area on the company’s ESOP Committee.

Sammie is a native of Temple and grew up in Belton, where she graduated from Belton High School. She was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work when she decided she really wanted to go into EMS.

She loves to spend time with her family, friends, and her two German Shepherds; Melody and Harmony. She also likes to go to hockey games at the HEB Center.

Amber Guilbeau, EMT

Central Texas Region

Amber started her career with Acadian Ambulance in 2017 as a van operator in Central Texas. She continued her education and progressed from a van operator role to an EMT. She currently works in Bastrop County. She will be taking the Advanced EMT course in the near future and hopes to further her education to earn her paramedic certification.

Amber’s passion to serve our communities, her attention to details, and her positive attitude are just a few attributes that make her stand out. Amber shares her passion and knowledge with new employees and goes the extra mile for every task. Her supervisors are consistently receiving positive praise and comments regarding the excellent customer service and patient care that Amber strives to provide.

Amber’s desire to learn never ceases. She very much wanted to be in the medical field and found her passion with EMS with the thrill of a more fast-paced environment. Acadian Ambulance was and is her calling.

Amber really enjoys shooting skeet, hanging with her family, and cooking on her downtime. She and her girlfriend have two dogs, Bailey and Beaux.

Clayton Williams, Paramedic

Houston Region

Clayton is a native of Australia and has been with Acadian Ambulance for nearly two years. He has been a shining light for his patients and his coworkers. He recently became a Critical Care Transport (CCT) paramedic.

Clayton’s personality makes him very approachable and his coworkers often look to him for his opinion. Students always request to be precepted by Clayton when they’re assigned to clinical shifts.

When Clayton is taking a break from work, he’s often found playing sports or doing something to stay fit. He plays rugby on weekends with another of our Australian paramedics, Chad. He loves spending time at the beach with those near and dear to him.

Abraham Rios, EMT

Houston Region

Abraham always takes pride in his work, and he has grown and improved tremendously since he first started in early 2023. He takes feedback well, is extremely self-aware and wants to learn. He has a heart of gold and it shows in the ways he treats his patients with kindness.

Abraham loves to spend time with family and often takes trips with his girlfriend and children. He also loves going to the gym.

Abraham is interested in furthering his EMS career by becoming a paramedic.

Sarah Arabie, Paramedic

Hub City Region

Sarah is a Critical Care Transport (CCT) medic in the Hub City District. She began her career with Acadian Ambulance in 2001 as an EMT. She obtained her paramedic in 2010 and has continued to be an asset to the company. She has been a field training officer for the last six years and has been a phenomenal teacher and leader to the many new hires and students she has had.

Sarah worked as a lifeguard before pursuing her EMS career but it was not until after she obtained her paramedic and returned to the ambulance after a back injury that she realized the true passion she has for EMS.

Sarah takes pride in her work and strives to be the best version of herself. Her compassion and love for the job is shown day in and day out.

She has three children and a grandchild on the way, and she loves spending quality time with her family. If not with family, you can find her watching football, getting down on the dance floor or enjoying some quiet time in a deer stand.

Brad LaPointe, EMT

Hub City Region

Brad is a native of Erath, Louisiana. His EMS journey began in high school, where he was an Acadian Explorer. He immersed himself in the EMS world, serving four years as the post’s president, demonstrating his leadership and commitment from an early stage.

Beyond his EMT role on the ambulance, Brad’s passion for mentoring and educating others shines through his position as the head post advisor of the Acadian Ambulance Explorer Post 108 in Vermilion Parish. He actively engages in high school outreach, acting as a liaison and educator, inspiring the younger generation to consider EMS as a rewarding career path.

Brad’s impact extends beyond his direct involvement with patients and explorers. As a member of the Hub City Outreach Leaderboard, he plays a pivotal role in coordinating outreach efforts, demonstrating his leadership within the organization. His unwavering commitment to showcasing the opportunities and importance of EMS has made a significant impact.

Kayleigh Dunham, Paramedic

Jackson County Region

Kayleigh is a native of Jackson County and graduate of Pascagoula High School. She attended EMT school shortly after graduating and joined Acadian Ambulance in 2015. In 2021, she became a paramedic, and in 2023, she completed her Critical Care Transport (CCT) certification with Acadian

Kayleigh always comes to work with a fun positive attitude. She is a field training officer (FTO) who loves teaching students and new employees. She has taken on every challenge with a great attitude and mastered each one.

When Kayleigh is not working, she spends time with her husband and three children. She also enjoys reading a good book with an iced coffee.

Caroline Cash, EMT

Jackson County Region

Caroline Cash came to the Gulf Coast in 2021 from Pennsylvania. She made a career change from being a licensed children’s therapist to becoming an EMT. She joined the Acadian Ambulance team in 2023.

Caroline is currently studying to become a paramedic through the National EMS Academy. Even with an often-heavy call load, she always has a positive attitude and smile on her face.

When Caroline has time off she enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling and cooking. She also enjoys relaxing with a good book. Caroline has been an amazing asset to the Jackson County team.

Sonya Norman, EMT

North Louisiana Region

Sonya is a native of Sterlington, Louisiana, and has resided in Ouachita Parish for four decades. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a master’s degree in education, Sonya felt drawn to EMS.

Enrolling in an EMT course, Sonya discovered her passion during clinical rotations, reveling in the dynamic atmosphere, teamwork, and compassionate patient care. Sonya has been a part of Acadian Ambulance’s Ouachita Parish team for two and a half years, where she excels as a field training officer and a supportive mentor. Both at work and beyond, she offers a comforting presence for her colleagues. Leading by example, she fosters a cohesive team environment in North Louisiana.

During her leisure time, Sonya remains active through running, kayaking, hiking, and boating. Engaging with her community, she participates in Big Brothers & Big Sisters, the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and the Humane Society.

As a devoted mother to a daughter and two pets, Sonya’s future aspirations include completing her paramedic training at the National EMS Academy this year.

Precious Duru, Paramedic

North Texas Region

Precious joined the Acadian Ambulance team in early 2017. She currently serves as a senior field training officer (FTO) and a Critical Care Transport (CCT) paramedic. She was also a recipient of Acadian’s President’s Performance Award in 2018. Precious has touched countless lives during her tenure as an FTO in North Texas. She plays a huge part in training her fellow peers, and as a clinician, she thrives on caring and treating her patients.

One thing that truly stands out about Precious is her compassion for her patients’ family members. She absolutely treats them like members of her own family. This mentality has helped foster the customer service Acadian strives for every day. She makes a lasting positive impression when a patient is experiencing potentially one of the worst days of their lives.

Precious is a shining example of living by the Acadian mission of ‘We Care, We Commit, We Challenge’.

In her spare time she loves to solve crimes via her favorite television shows and spend time at her community church, as well as with her husband and two children.

Shawn Wells, EMT

North Texas Region

Shawn joined the Acadian Ambulance team in early 2016. He currently serves multiple roles in North Texas, showing his versatility. Shawn is a senior field training officer (FTO) and leads our pre-scheduled transport (PST) unit by completing the evaluations on our beloved PST patients.

Shawn is truly one of a kind and would give the shirt off of his back in an instant. He was the recipient of the Acadian President’s Performance Award in 2022. As an FTO and a true mentor, he goes above and beyond to make sure his trainees have everything they need to be successful.

When it comes to patient care, Shawn is truly exceptional. His compassion for his patients and our hospital partners is beyond measure.

When not providing amazing patient care, he spends his time with his wife, Becky, spoiling his grandchild, Juniper, blacksmithing and cooking.

Lee Bingham, Paramedic

Northshore Region

Lee joined the Northshore Region as an EMT in 2016, working on a Critical Care Transport unit in Slidell. He attended paramedic school at the National EMS Academy’s Covington campus, earning his certification in January 2022. He continued his education and obtained his CCT certification in December 2022.

Lee is an active member of Acadian’s Strike Team, and has deployed to disaster areas five times. Lee has served both as an EMT and Paramedic FTO, and was recently promoted to Senior FTO. He has received two Meritorious Service Awards, and as well as Acadian’s President’s Performance Award, and one of Keesler Federal Credit Union’s 2023 First Responders of the Year.

Lee is well-respected among his peers and supervisors. You can always count on him for a friendly smile and word of advice. He is focused on continuing his career in operations, and his next goal is to become a Paramedic Field Supervisor.

Lee is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. When he isn’t at work, you can find Lee spending time with his girlfriend, Caitlyn and his dog Zero, or working on old cars.

Kole Bavaret, EMT

Northshore Region

Kole joined Acadian Ambulance in 2021. He originally started his career in our New Orleans region as an EMR working on an ALS unit. He transferred to the Northshore in 2022 so he could attend Southeastern Louisiana University.

Kole is a go-to person on the Northshore, helping with local social media efforts and assisting with the schedule. He’s deployed to other areas of the company on occasion. Kole received Acadian’s President’s Performance Award in March 2023.

He is currently enrolled in paramedic school at the National EMS Academy’s Covington campus. Next up on his horizon is completing nursing school. His career goal is to work with Acadian Air Med as a flight nurse, and join the operations leadership team as a supervisor.

When he isn’t at work, you can find Kole cooking (he went to culinary school when he was 16), working out, playing piano or gaming.

Nikolaas van Hennekeler, Paramedic

Orleans Region

Nikolaas is from a small city across the pond called Toowoomba. He heard about Acadian Ambulance through a paramedic podcast he listened to, and in his final year of study, found this position overseas.

Once Nik received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Queensland, Acadian helped him integrate into American EMS both operationally and geographically.

Nik’s dedication, hard work and compassion for others are just a few of his great qualities. He is always one of the first to step up and lend a hand when needed.

Outside of work, Nik loves exploring new places and meeting new people. He advocates for people to step out of their comfort zones, because this is where he believes the best memories are made. Although Nik was definitely outside of that comfort zone when he first moved to Louisiana, he is very grateful to have met many people who have welcomed him with open arms.

Lauren Perque, EMT

Orleans Region

Lauren Perque has been with Acadian Ambulance for nine years, and she has become a valuable member of the New Orleans team. She plays a vital role in helping our new recruits as a field training officer. She has received compliments from patients and our dispatchers for her positive attitude and willingness to get the job done. Her enthusiasm is contagious and it makes a positive impact on everyone around her. Lauren is a shining star and is always ready to step up and take on any challenge given to her.

Lauren also plays an important role in her community where she serves as a volunteer firefighter.

Garrett Ritter, Paramedic

South-Central Texas Region

Garrett was inspired to pursue a career in EMS after his brother’s involvement in a severe car accident. In 2017, he enrolled in the EMT program at Schertz EMT School. Garrett began his journey as an EMT with Acadian Ambulance in 2018. He decided to further his education by attending paramedic school at the National EMS Academy’s San Antonio campus. Now a certified Critical Care Transport (CCT) Paramedic and Field Training Officer (FTO), Garrett is passionate about educating new and aspiring EMS professionals.

Garrett stands out for his exceptional patient care and unwavering dedication to his

profession. In addition to his exemplary skills as a paramedic, he extends his passion into

the classroom as an adjunct instructor at the National EMS Academy. Garrett’s commitment to mentoring future EMTs and paramedics ensures they are well-prepared to deliver the essential care required in the field.

Viviana Biehle, Paramedic

Southeast Texas Region

Viviana has been with Acadian Ambulance for seven years. She decided to become an EMT after being transported by an Acadian Ambulance crew after an incident. The compassion that the transporting medics showed her inspired her to pursue a career in EMS. Shortly after recovering, she joined the next EMT class available. She completed the National EMS Academy’s Accelerated Paramedic program in 2022.

Viviana is always cheerful even on her busiest of days. She promotes a professional appearance and is an all-around good representation of Acadian. Her kindness and compassion knows no bounds. She goes above and beyond for her patients and always tries to learn how she can be better the next day. Viviana is an FTO and enjoys working with EMT and paramedic students. One of her ultimate goals is to one day become an EMS instructor. Alongside her partner Isabelle, Viviana loves making TikToks to show the public that you can have fun in EMS.

Viviana loves to bake and cook for her friends and family. She is always looking for new recipes to try. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, especially outdoors, and she loves traveling.

Shelby McCabe, EMT

Southeast Texas Region

Shelby has been with Acadian Ambulance for more than two years. She began as a driver during the Covid pandemic, and while working full-time, she attended the National EMS Academy’s Beaumont campus to obtain her EMT certification.

Shelby was a victim of a house fire years ago, and her experience inspired her to get into EMS, so she could make sure that patients are treated the way she would want to be treated.

Shelby has received multiple compliments from students and new hire employees during their training rides with her. Shelby embodies the Acadian Way in the way she performs her duties daily. She was the very first recipient of Acadian’s Clinical Excellence award for EMTs in Southeast Texas.

Shelby participates in the Southeast Texas Explorers program as one of the assistant advisors, and she frequently volunteers for shifts at local schools for unit demonstrations, as well as other recruiting events. She enjoys reaching out to younger generations and promoting EMS as a career. Shelby recently obtained her advanced EMT certification and plans on pursuing her paramedic certification. She is always eager to learn so that she can better herself for her future patients.

During her time off, Shelby loves traveling with her husband and watching him perform as a musician.

Hollie Evans, Paramedic

Southwest Louisiana Region

Hollie began her journey with Acadian Ambulance in 1991. In her more than 32 years of service, Hollie has worked on ambulances all over the Acadiana and Southwest regions. She is currently a CCT paramedic.

Hollie has a remarkable work ethic, exemplary paramedic skills, and is respected by her peers for her positive attitude and leadership. She leads by example. Hollie is always upbeat, in a good mood, and willing to lend a hand. EMTs in the Southwest Louisiana region all love to work with Hollie. They all say that she is a great problem solver, is a lot of fun to work with, and treats her patients well.

Hollie is a native and current resident of Jennings. Away from work, Hollie enjoys being outside, hiking, and spending time with her grandchildren. She has dedicated her entire adult life to helping others.

Martyna Hicks, EMT

Southwest Louisiana Region

Martyna began her career with Acadian Ambulance in February 2020. As an FTO and mentor, Martyna is responsible for introducing new team members to the Acadian Way and making sure that after orientation, they can competently function and provide great patient care. Her contributions to the new hire clearance process have been overwhelmingly positive in preparing our new team members.

As an EMT in the field, Martyna makes the job of the paramedic easier by anticipating their needs on scene and by providing a smooth ride to the hospital for both the patient and paramedic.

Martyna was a recipient of Acadian’s Clinical Excellence award in 2023. She has the respect of her teammates, as this is the second time that she has been nominated and selected as the Southwest Louisiana EMT of the Year.

Martyna is currently enrolled in the paramedic program at the National EMS Academy in Lake Charles and looks forward to becoming a paramedic before the end of the year.

Away from work, Martyna enjoys music, dancing, helping others, LSU football, and spending time with her three children.

Patrick Garner, Paramedic

Tennessee Region

Patrick has been with Acadian Ambulance since 2019, when Acadian acquired EMHC. He has been a paramedic since 1995 and is currently a CCT paramedic.

Patrick has an amazing work ethic and has always strived to do a great job and to keep a tidy unit. He is a very wonderful friend and a great listening ear. Always looking to advance his skills, he has recently completed nursing school and passed the NCLEX.

Patrick loves to ice skate — you may often find his skates in the back of his truck. He is a huge sports fan and keeps up with all teams, but his favorite is the Memphis Tigers basketball team.

Michael Sweeney, EMT

Tennessee Region

Michael has been with Acadian Ambulance since April 2023. In less than a year, he has obtained his EMR and EMT licenses through the National EMS Academy’s Memphis campus, and he is currently attending the paramedic program.

Michael aspires to become a field training officer so that he can aid in the training of new employees. Michael has a great rapport with his patients and their families, as well as all of his coworkers. He is always smiling and making people laugh and keeps people in good spirits on rough days. He is always willing to help out and take on tasks that benefit the entire team. He is extremely reliable.

Michael has more than 20 years of experience as a chef and has run high-end kitchens throughout Memphis. He played music on Beale Street with the Memphis Jazz Orchestra. He spent years doing custom fabrication on motorcycles. He enjoys horror films and has two dogs, Charlie and Bogart.

Alli Hardy, Paramedic

Air Med

Alli joined the Acadian Ambulance team in 2009 as an EMT, working throughout the Hub City region. She enrolled in National EMS Academy and earned her paramedic certification in 2011. She then became CCT certified in December 2013. Alli has displayed nothing but the Acadian standard since she began working with us. 

Alli is currently enrolled in a Registered Nurse program, and her career goal is to continue working within the Air Med department as a flight RN. 

She is quiet and humble, never seeking the spotlight. She is recognized as an excellent clinician and the person you want to be around. 

In 2023, Alli was diagnosed with a malignancy that required surgery and radiation therapy. During her treatments, she never missed a day of work, always organizing her treatments early in the morning, and working with her colleagues to make sure shifts were covered. We are happy to say that Alli is once again healthy and fit for duty. 

Alli and her wife, Loni, live in Vermilion Parish, with their two children, Demi and Mya. On her days off, Alli can often be found in the gym or spending time with her family.

Jon Anderson, Paramedic


Jon became an EMT in 2008 and started with Acadian Ambulance as a paramedic in 2012, working in Jackson County, MS. In 2014, he transferred to Safety Management Systems as a Remote Paramedic. He is currently contracted to BP and works on their biggest asset, Thunderhorse. 

Jon consistently and meticulously follows clinical practices and documentation standards. Hen demonstrates a strong work ethic by doing what is required promptly and thoroughly, without cutting corners. He is recognized as one of the most organized and self-motivated medics offshore by his peers.

Jon has built impressive relationships with OIMs and senior BP officials, indicating respect and trust in his capabilities, and has received high praise from OIMs, highlighting his exceptional performance. He was commended for his ability to deliver perfect reports and prepare for patient transfers efficiently, making the flight crew’s job much easier. Jon maintains a high level of competence through continuous skill enhancement and education.

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