Acadian Health, a division of Acadian Companies, has expanded its healthcare services to key Texas markets, including Austin, Beaumont, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. This strategic expansion positions Acadian Health to spearhead unparalleled advancements in medical care, addressing the state’s urgent need for increased healthcare access, particularly among its diverse communities.

Acadian Health has provided services in Louisiana for the past 10 years, has the framework and the assets needed to grow into major markets in Texas, and is poised for nationwide opportunities.

“Driven by our legacy of being patient-centered, our growth in Texas is an assertion of Acadian Health’s commitment to pioneering healthcare access and outcomes,” expressed Acadian Health Director Benjamin Swig. “By opening up access to acute and chronic care into homes, we are making healthcare more equitable, accessible, and impactful.”

Texas, with its unique healthcare challenges ranging from underserved areas to communities with limited medical services, stands to benefit immensely from Acadian Health’s holistic approach. Its mobile healthcare clinicians preemptively address patient needs before they escalate and integrate a live virtual visit  with primary care providers. A testament to its efficacy, Acadian Health has recorded a 97% success rate over the past decade in treating qualifying patients at home rather than in emergency departments.

Acadian Health’s team emphasizes collaboration with local healthcare providers to improve patient satisfaction and care coordination, and achieve quality patient health outcomes, reducing total cost of care for both the patient and the payer source. 

At-home acute care focuses on treating applicable illnesses and conditions that cannot be addressed by a telehealth visit alone: respiratory exacerbations, nausea, vomiting with dehydration, non-narcotic pain management, and other potentially preventable events that lead patients to seek care in emergency departments. At-home patient engagement includes conducting transitional or discharge follow-up care; identifying patient-centered goals and managing SDOH referrals, patient education and care plan follow-up; prenatal and postpartum care; chronic condition care management; routine and annual vaccinations; and blood draws for lab analysis.

Acadian Health Director of Operations Richard Belle emphasized, “Our symbiotic collaborations with health plans, hospitals, and providers in these cities allow us to amplify our patient-focused model through in-home healthcare.”

“We have seen a tremendous increase in patient volume over the past six months, and have grown our team to fulfill additional contracts with healthcare providers,” Swig said. “Our mobile health paramedics, EMTs and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) have been working diligently with providers and health plans to provide alternative care options for our patients, and we are seeing the success in their overall care and well-being.”

Marking a new chapter in healthcare, Acadian Health’s expansion not only bridges service gaps but also integrates telemedicine for a more modernized approach. “By leveraging digital platforms and empowering our paramedic clinicians with evidence-based medicine knowledge and resources, along with our steadfast commitment to patients, Acadian Health isn’t merely participating in the future of healthcare in Texas—we’re shaping it,” Belle added.


About Acadian Health

Acadian Health, based in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a trailblazer in proactive and patient-centered healthcare, strategically positioned to address today’s challenges of access, equity, and quality. Acadian Health’s innovative mobile health services extend care beyond traditional confines, ensuring all communities—regardless of location or circumstance—have equitable access to top-tier medical services. Advocacy is at Acadian Health’s core; championing the rights and needs of every patient, with a dedication to compassionate, respectful care.

In an era where healthcare demands both quality and value, Acadian Health’s cohesive collaboration between in-home care clinicians and providers curtails preventable incidents and streamlines the patient journey. By continuously pushing the boundaries of healthcare delivery, Acadian Health doesn’t just adapt to the modern healthcare paradigm—it shapes it. Discover its transformative approach at

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