Executive Aircraft Charter Service (EACS), a division of Acadian, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

In 1981, Acadian Ambulance founded its Air Med rotor wing air ambulance division with one medically configured helicopter based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Today, Air Med operates a fleet of nine medically configured helicopters and five fixed-wing aircraft from seven strategic bases throughout south Louisiana.

The lack of available on-demand charter airplanes in Lafayette prompted Air Med to begin providing charter flight services under FAA part 135 Air Charter Certificate on one fixed-wing aircraft in 1991. Executive Aircraft Charter Service became a full service division of Acadian in 2002, and today they manage and operate seven fixed-wing aircraft.

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Executive Aircraft Charter Service’s fleet consists of dedicated medical and charter aircraft. The planes are used for medical, business or leisure chartered flights originating along the Gulf Coast to destinations throughout the continental United States, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and Central America.

“When we began using fixed-wing aircraft for our long distance medical flights, we saw interest from the public to provide on-demand charter service as well, which led to the natural progression and creation of our charter division,” said Vice President of Air Services Erroll Babineaux.

Director of Operations Spencer Anderson, who guides the staff of pilots, scheduling, flight training, and flight coordination daily, said, “We have world-class talent who are dedicated to safe, legal, and efficient operations in our everyday customer service.”

Acadian Companies comprises six divisions: Acadian Ambulance Service, Acadian Air Med, Acadian Monitoring Services, Executive Aircraft Charter Service, National EMS Academy, and Safety Management Systems.

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