Acadian Ambulance medics Anthony Randolph and Andrew Blue, during their work break, made a last-minute decision to run a quick errand at Academy Sports & Outdoors in Webster, Texas. This short detour helped save an employee’s life.

An employee of the sporting goods store for more than four years, 56-year-old Olson didn’t feel well when she headed to work. “I was very tired,” the Webster native said. “I just figured I did not get a good night’s rest, so I did not think much of it.”

As the work day progressed she began to feel worse. She went to the restroom where she collapsed, unable to catch her breath. A customer immediately called 911, and coworkers Michael Anderson and Andrew Rodriguez were quickly at her side.

“I began to talk to her, try to calm her down, and then in the middle of that conversation, she lost consciousness and went limp in my arms,” Anderson said. “Her color changed from pink to blue, it seemed, in the blink of an eye.”

A member of the U.S. Coast Guard and CPR-certified, Rodriguez quickly began CPR. Medics Randolph and Blue had just returned to their ambulance when they received the alert and immediately returned to the store.

Paramedic Field Supervisor Anthony Randolph said, “Unbeknownst to us, Ms. Olson was in the early stages of cardiac arrest as we were checking out at the register. We were able to get back to her within minutes and resuscitate her.”

Olson has made a full recovery and looks back on the event with awe. “It’s not my time to go yet,” she said. “God had an army of angels guarding me and making sure I would be OK.”

In a ceremony held on Dec. 11, 2014, Jon Clingaman, Acadian Ambulance operations manager, and members of Acadian’s Texas team, honored the individuals with Good Samaritan and Meritorious Service awards for saving Olson’s life.

“Without each of you and your actions, Ms. Olson may not have had the positive outcome as she did on that day,” Clingaman said. “On behalf of Acadian Ambulance, we thank you.”

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