At the Acadian Companies annual meeting on May 7, Acadian Air Med Operational Control Dispatcher Paul Chustz was recognized as the Air Services 2024 Employee of the Year. He was presented with his award by Vice President of Air Services Michael Sonnier.

A resident of Eunice, LA, Chustz has been with Acadian Ambulance since 1994. He worked as an EMT, Paramedic Field Supervisor, Critical Care Transport Paramedic, National EMS Academy adjunct instructor, and Air Med alternate before becoming a dispatcher.

He currently works in Air Med Operational Control and is a Certified Flight Coordinator. Air Med’s dedicated flight coordinators handle all air and ground transportation, make arrangements with the receiving facility, communicate directly with family members, and update medical teams at both sending and receiving facilities throughout the flight.

“Paul has been instrumental in sending our aircraft out on the most critical emergencies and has assisted in coordinating more than 700 Air Med transports in the past year,” Sonnier said. “Our crew members say that Paul always has a positive demeanor and looks out for the crews’ best interests. Crews know that when Paul is working, he is keeping an eye out for them in the sky, and they are comforted knowing that he is the one overseeing their safety while they are out flying.”

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