Find a Provider

Search for providers in your area using the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana website:

  1. Click on “Find a Doctor” at the top middle on the home page, then click on “Find Doctor or Drug.”
  2. Click on “Choose” and select “Louisiana Medical” if you are a Louisiana resident or “National Medical” if you live in another state.
  3. Our Plan’s network directory prefix is AIU. You can filter providers that are within our network if you type those letters in the appropriate field.
  4. Input the search criteria that you are specifically trying to locate (ex. specialty of doctor, location, etc.)

You may also contact the BCBSLA Customer Service Line at (800) 363-9150 to request a list of providers in your area.

If elected, Delta Dental PPO/Premier’s dental insurance benefit may allow for higher reimbursements and an expanded network of dentists. Although you may utilize a non-network dentist, you will save more money by using an in-network provider.

Visit the Delta Dental website to find an in-network dentist near you.

Acadian offers a vision benefit plan, administered by Ameritas, that includes the VSP Choice Network of providers and covers expenses for eye exams, frames, lenses and contacts. Find a provider in the Choice Network on the VSP website.

Prescription coverage is included with both of our health plans and is processed by Express Scripts. If you take medication on an ongoing basis, you could save money by choosing Express Scripts’ mail order options.

Search RX medications

Drugs requiring pre-athorization

Generic preventative prescriptions (HDHP)